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Henry Ford "A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time" - Henry Ford


CJ Dezign provides professional web page design that best advances our customer's ideas, products, services and public image. Whether CJ Dezign creates your web site in its entirety or develops it based upon your existing promotional materials or ideas, the finished web site is always a collaborative and cooperative effort. We work closely with you to achieve visual interest while effectively describing your product or service in a clear, organized, user-friendly way.

The combination of text and images is an aspect of the World Wide Web that makes it a very effective tool for widespread exposure and cost-effective advertising. Our staff is available to organize, present and otherwise assist in this creative web development process. Photographic services are also available to create web-appropriate images that will help accentuate your ideas, products and services.

CJ DeZign emphasize simplicity, clarity, quick loading pages and ease of navigation. Our experience has been that our clients are more interested in showcasing their products and services in a fast and pleasant setting than they are in entertaining their web visitors with slow loading Flash presentations or extravagant graphics.

In addition to web site development services, CJ DeZign offers economical web site maintenance for all your web presence needs. We provide prompt maintenance and promotional support to insure that your web site remains up-to-date, entirely functional and receiving optimal web traffic exposure - and all at an reasonable cost to our clients.

If you have questions or want to set up a consultation to discuss your web site design or hosting needs, please contact us at.CJ Dezign



Every day people learn new ways use the internet. Many people do not even use a phone book any more.Your potential customer checks the weather,looks up local traffic, and (most importantly) comparison shops before buying.

If you do not have a presence at the top of the search engines for your market's keywords, your competitors are taking away a big chunk of your profits. A well designed and smart internet marketing campaign can bring tons of traffic to your site and get those customers back. But it's not the only way people find you online.

Back in 2003, the only way people found what they sought was through search engines. They were the only portal to the World Wide Web.

Now other, newer content-retrieval systems are exploding in popularity. The so-called "social media revolution" is fully upon us and you have the opportunity to engage your customers in a way never before possible.

A successful and relevant viral social media post can drive thousands and thousands of visitors to your web site.


Visitors is where most internet marketing firms stop. They talk about click-throughs and maximizing traffic without mentioning the most important part of a web site's success: conversions.

Money doesn't grow on web site traffic. You can have all the visitors in the world and still lose money. Even Google can’t squeeze a profit from the 100-million-visitors-a-day YouTube! Lucky for you, you’re not YouTube. Your web site's return on investment comes from conversions: sales, leads, or blog subscriptions to encourage future sales and leads.

A great many internet marketers ignore conversions completely. It's a shame too; you work so hard to get a qualified customer on your site, but then your site can’t keep them around. A well-designed and usable site can do wonders for conversion rates.